What the Flock?! #4 3.14.18

Do you know a man?  Are you a man?   A, J & SOTU illuminate the damage done to both genders but the patriarchy…an equal opportunity stifler of the human spirit.

What the Flock? #1 2.21.18

A Presentation of the Peace Genesis Project.  Weekly discussion of how the reflections of our current reality have metaphysical underpinnings.   Join the discussion at the Peace Genesis Project Facebook Group.

Is Healing Possible? – Gender Forgiveness Common Sense from an Uncommon Source

excerpt from “SOTUesday – May 23, 2017”

Precognition? Almost 9 months later and this SOTUesday from last May is perfect for these times.

Times of confusion can be doorways to transformation. Give a listen to discover the forgiveness possible when we realize both genders have been victimized and that by stepping back and questioning our beliefs and old feelings we can actually feel and remember we are one species. Peace is possible.

Worth a re-listen – GENDER Healing and Forgiveness if we ever wish to grow beyond the chaos, hurt and unfairness of these times and make it safe for all.

Gender Forgiveness – The First Step To Peace – Common Sense from an Uncommon Source

Like excerpt from “SOTUesday, May 16, 2017”

SOTU clearly outlines the first steps toward Peace begin with what has kept us divided through the centuries: Gender.

They discuss the unfairness for both women and men to this point; we are intended to work together. With understanding and forgiveness, whole new relationships can be born between the masculine and feminine, where each individual knows they are enough.

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Life Beyond your Culprit – Common Sense from an Uncommon Source

SOTU stresses our shared need to heal our differenced in the light of the movement of our entire species…and that mastery and realities beyond our beliefs are possible – even Peace in our world – with healing and forgiveness. SOTU points to the conscious and more masterful use of our personal energy to stop feeding the consensus chaos. Take responsibility for our reality creation or something or someone else will.

Come work with SOTU in 2018 to help make the maps of Mastery and Peace.

First Steps to Defeat Your Culprit – Common Sense from an Uncommon Source

Excerpt from 4.10.17
#4 in the Negative Ego Series – there will be 5 total

A DIY technique that has worked for thousands! SOTU offers a very easy technique and secret to start to defeat and move beyond your negative ego. **

**Remember after Healings your reality will ask ‘Are You Sure?’ you wish to make the changes. ‘Are You Sures’ often come as opportunities to do things the old way…so watch for the opportunities & cement the Healing into your life by making a new choice.

Identifying Your Negative Ego to Move Beyond It – Common Sense from an Uncommon Source

Excerpted from Conversations with SOTU 4.10.17

SOTU clearly reveals the earmarks of our negative egos, from the whispered beliefs that we’re ‘better than’ or ‘less than’ others to the seemingly validating feelings from old hurts and the fact that these pieces of ourselves always lie to us due to our fears of losing love or not deserving love.

SOTU is channeled by Josh Schwartzbach