We have discovered in our conversations with SOTU that all of humanity, the entire world, is undergoing a natural and yet unavoidable global transformation.


Our ultimate destiny at the end of this transformation is a world at Peace with enough for all. The monumental challenges we face globally and personally can be solved. The real question is how much kicking and screaming do we do between here and there. How many lives, how much catastrophe/pain and lifetimes spent in that pursuit?


Each of us in our own way is being asked to grow, each of us with choices and changes as individual as we are. There is no one pathway home.


We offer you access to SOTU to help make your journey easier by providing insight and answers. Beyond evolution which is unconscious, transformation is a conscious choice.  We can change how we transform – change doesn’t have to be painful.


The times of greatest crises are also the times of greatest opportunity for change.  This is one of those times.  How easy will it be to solve the problems of today?  Linearly it is nearly impossible, however, utilizing the power that each and every one of you has as co-creators, we would suggest that most of you would wish to live in Peace. – SOTU for the




If you decide to converse with SOTU,
there are certain beliefs they work within, beliefs that they hold as
shared in our
human experience.










  • Each of us creates our personal reality 24/7. We create our life experience through our thoughts, our words, and our most importantly – our feelings – from our conscious and subconscious minds.
  • We have many lives and we choose our goals for each lifetime. We choose the major players and the challenges. There are no accidents.
  • Upon incarnation we immediately forget the plan. It is then the job of our Soul – always connected to the Divine – to steer us in the accomplishment of the goals we planned. We all chose to be here now.
  • Humanity also has a journey, a Soul and stages of growth. Humanity had a childhood, often referred to as our time in the Garden. Since those times we’ve been on a long journey of individuation – the adolescence of our species. Now we stand on the threshold of adulthood, asking ourselves to become more. Humanity is growing up.
  • Competition and comparison, survival of the fittest and the belief that there is not enough and we are not enough are outmoded patterns of being. Humanity’s true nature is one of caring, compassion, and connection.  We can remember who we really are.
  • We can learn how we create our realities to be more masterful in our lives and change our world for the better.    Conscious transformation is more powerful than evolution. We have choice.


The most powerful word in the Universe?….Oops! – SOTU



















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