” an entity with an attitude…refreshing!” – Rob O. 


channeled through J. Schwartzbach


SOTU is a non-physical, multidimensional consciousness channeled by Josh Schwartzbach. Sourced outside the physical universe …and its implicit linear time and hierarchy...SOTU has never had a traditional physical incarnation.  They describe themselves as ‘the energy of growth’  in this universe with a job description of urging us to be more.  They have worked with every generation of humanity since our beginning and know us well.


SOTU has one purpose in talking with us now.  They seek to help us navigate through this transformation of consciousness.  SOTU shines a light on what we need to change within ourselves while reminding us of who we really are.


Josh has channeled SOTU for over 20 years and is the only channel for them. SOTU is direct, funny, compassionate and always provocative as they shed light on common misconceptions and urge us to grow beyond the stories we tell ourselves and tell others.


During our time together SOTU has had thousands of interactions with people through workshops, presentations, articles, journeys and private consultations. They offer and urge healing, DIY growth and transformation in a time of ultimate paradigm change.




How We Met SOTU
Adrienne Metcalf


23 – 24 years ago I was sitting on our old couch in the living room of our 1700’s house in Medusa, NY.   I could not have guessed the extraordinary experience about to happen would forever change our lives and would, so many years later, ultimately bring you here.

My husband and I had played around with channeling, a shared passion having met a several years earlier at a channeling group.

Because we hadn’t yet been able to make our lives work (applied metaphysics) using what we’d learned from the channeling of others, we decided to try channeling ourselves. We wished to understand how we were creating our lives.

We each developed our ability to channel (which anyone can do to some measure) by exploring what it felt like to channel all sorts of consciousnesses…many beyond the beliefs of most folks.  We reveled in the differing perspectives of life here on earth now and there were plenty of consciousness willing to join in. Fun and we were so very, very naïve.

After a particularly physically uncomfortable channeling experience for Josh, suggestions came from the non-physical that he engage a consciousness to act as a gatekeeper. The gatekeeper would not let anyone through for channeling that wouldn’t serve our parameters for channeling; parameters to grow spiritually and be clear enough to not distort the messages.

There I sat, expectant, relaxed and unaware. Josh sat across from me, closed his eyes, took a few deep intakes of breath and this deep sound came out of him, a growl from the center of the earth. The energy of this consciousness filled the room, goose bumps rose on top of goose bumps, my hair seems to blow straight back and finally the garbled deep sound of  “E…ZEK…IEL” boomed out.

That moment started it.  Ezekiel learned how to use Josh’s voice box, they filled us with information on how we were creating our reality, messes and all, and we eagerly shared them with others.  For about 10 years we worked with Ezekiel, taking them public for people and growing groups.  We took Ezekiel to Egypt, Greece and Europe with groups, working all the while on changing templates of behavior in each participant to the degree they were willing.  Ezekiel worked with us all on cutting the first maps of healing the emotional wounds that are implicit in living in a paradigm that teaches one has to compete to survive. They were years of lots of crying, tissues, personal muck and trials. Yet we continued to grow, discover and deal with our shortcomings, build our strengths and gain a modicum of objectivity.

Then in 2003, around late January, the time of the State Of The Union address by the President here in the states, an expanded consciousness came through instead of Ezekiel.

They informed us that Ezekiel was in fact a facet of them and that Ezekiel was retiring, we were ready for a larger viewpoint.  We were ready for the bigger picture and to start to actually care about the larger world.

What would we call them?  With a twinkle this more subtle (Ezekiel often used a ball peen hammer to help us break through the tough emotional patterns we would stubbornly hold) consciousness suggested SOTU.  SOTU?

Yes, for Soul of the Universe…or state of the union, you pick … humor, one of their finer, strategic tools.  Way too big I thought. They answered simply, we are the energy of growth in this universe and you all, humanity, are about to make a leap of growth unparalleled. Growth is cool.

10 years later, with much growth, maturing, grey hairs and winnowing away of the bull**t under our belts, SOTU and we turn to you as our shared world is turning inside out.

SOTU says we’ll make it.  Earthly humanity will become the advanced civilization we dreamed so very long ago. The question is when.  How many lives and lifetimes will we need to expend to remember who we are?

SOTU gives expansive perspectives and practical DIY techniques to ease change, reminds us at least emotionally of who we really are and meets us at every question with an answer that both satisfies and provokes.  They are here to help us to make a marvelous leap.

And as they would say, they cannot do it for us. They can only provide the tools.

And as they would also say – question everything they say – only you can decide for yourself if it is truth.




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