“There is a great movement afoot in your world dear ones. It is a movement that you cannot avoid. Each and every one of you are being asked, in your personal as well as the ever-increasing intensity of the reflections from the consensus, to identify yourself.”  – SOTU

People are going through times of great change and challenge,
so we’re offering SOTU for a limited number of personal readings.

SOTU can help you find your answers….. 

Who are we?
We tell the History, Herstory, Ourstory of the Species – knowing from whence we came jogs the memory of where we’re going.

What am I doing here?
Learn your own very personal set of life goals – the things you decided to accomplish/experience/tackle in this particular life.

How do I create my reality?
The mechanics are simple to understand and as complex as the myriad of beliefs you (and the consensus) hold about the world. We can show you how it all works for DIY Transformation.

Where do I fit in?
If you are alive now, you chose to be part of a larger movement of human consciousness we cannot avoid.  Understanding the direction of the movement brings a measure of Peace.

How do I know what to do?
There is a constant dialog between you and your Soul.  Once you learn your unique version of the language you can find your way home.

Why are things so messed up?
The same dynamics/stressors of change affecting each of us is being asked of the world’s  Peoples as we are being asked as a species “Who are you going to be?”.



SOTU is available live and through recordings
for when you’ve reached the end of your map
and need a new way home.

Private Readings with SOTU

A limited number of personal readings via Skype are available with SOTU.  Contact us for details.

Conversations with SOTU

is a live, monthly group; all questions taken.  Generally up to 3 hours with SOTU.    Available in person and on the web.


  • Healing and Forgiveness – 1 day in person with SOTU to disable the repetitive patterns of loss, betrayal and pain and find lasting forgiveness of the others and ultimately self.
  • The Peace Genesis Project – 2 days in person with SOTU to dive more deeply into both the personal and species’ history to understand, change and move beyond the adolescent past patterns that no longer serve.
  • Beyond Woo- Woo – the Technology of Spirit for DIY Transformation – 1 day in person with SOTU – the technology of Spirit revealed as mastery of reality becomes possible.


  • Birth of Your Real Self Intensive – Journey with SOTU to remember, heal and reclaim our true Nature as an integral part of Gaia becoming more. Focus on healing the child aspect of self.
  • The Ultimate You Intensive – Move further into Identity with this powerful intensive that heals and deals with our troubled adolescent selves while introducing energetic tools to expand consciousness and move beyond.
  • In Pursuit of Passion – Move with SOTU into the realms of Passion as motivator to replace fear and rage. Work with the Goddess consciousness as revealed through the Muses.

And more new Workshops and Intensives to come as consciousness expands …we will always offer more as long as we are here.




Forgiving the why they did what they did first, makes forgiving what
was done an easier journey.

“Are You Sures” end with complete forgiveness.



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