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Josh Schwartzbach & Adrienne Metcalf



It was the 80’s. We were naive, curious and awestruck with channeling when we met. Of course, cosmic humor and foreshadowing would have it be at a monthly gathering to hear a woman named Alaina channel William. To sit at the feet ….and hear wisdom from beyond the veils…big stuff!

We both thought the other was a bit of an ***** yet something – the shared passion to understand how life worked – became a glue strong enough to transcend old baggage, past failed relationships, bad ideas, naiveté and the challenges of being mapmakers – willing to carve a new way through old patterns.


Together now for 25 years, we’ve become more of who we really are, more independent and at the same time more deeply together. There is no secret between us or desire to hold one. Our life together is filled with deep trust, continuing revelations through our explorations with SOTU and the intricacies of care that come only with time and the complexity of knowing, accepting and loving the other as well as self. Our connection is undeniable. That said we are deeply different.


As to our journey with SOTU, well that must have been a plan a long time in the making. It has involved stubborn kicking, screaming, vast loads of tissue, emotional breakthroughs and cosmic awarenesses that would rival the first rays of dawn breaking. Neither of us would have missed it for the world- especially now as we’ve cleared most of the muck and mastery is undeniably creeping into our lives. And SOTU…they are unwavering in their message, care, tough love, their stubborn refusal to do it for us and their simple continuing presence as all the heavy lifting has been ours. Josh and I continue on the journey we 3 offer to you.


Josh Schwartzbach



Josh is at his happiest here on our small sustainable farm; going out in the morning into the woods, finding a good straight hemlock tree, cutting it down, limbing it off, bringing it back to our side yard and with our small sawmill turning it into 2 by 4’s or 1 bys. That is a good day at 69 years old.

Yet joy springs from his fiery eyes when engaged with others in a lively, provocative political, social or metaphysical conversation. His easy, hearty laugh, bold physical energy and ready truth – whether asked for or not – make time with Josh dynamic. And all of this is wrapped in the soul of a double Pisces.

Who would guess that this fellow packing up your veggies at our farm stand, this former cab driver, hippie, waiter, pet store owner, Vietnam vet, parking lot attendant and current farmer/ logger is one of the most talented and long lived channels on this earth. So the secret is finally out (much to his dismay) ….Josh is in no uncertain terms, simply remarkable. Who else could be the channel for SOTU?  He fits the bill perfectly in all his imperfect humanity.


Adrienne Metcalf


Adrienne is happiest discovering the “how we create it all” with Josh and SOTU. Farmer, baker, sleeping artist, recovered fear-filled worrier, stubborn mapmaker and awakened social activist, Adrienne has, like Josh, worn many hats in the pursuit of life’s experience, safety and wisdom. At home in Nature, their rural farm/home has provided her deep roots of connection – as well     as a cherished place in the community.

Adrienne’s work with SOTU is paving the way for others by exploring and explaining how the principles SOTU shares actually work with a real, breathing, fallible human being. Continually pushing the envelope of growth, Adrienne  awaits what is next in this world of change.




Josh and Adrienne can also be found through our Farm Stand site and the Peace Genesis Project site.

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