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The stress is purposeful, the chaos understandable and
each person’s life a piece of the puzzle of change….and change
doesn’t have to require a shamanic journey. – AU.


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Found this recording from a Live presentation in NYC on June 13, 2003.  Eerie how relevant it is for today.  Enjoy.

part one

part two

part three



Thank you Karen Neumann for your 2 interviews with SOTU and Josh on your About Oneness Blogtalk Radio Show and the Pyramid One Network. Informative listens archived here.

March 29, 2015 – About Oneness  – 2 hours

Radio Interview 3.29.2015

Connecting with higher self, vegetarianism, neg. ego’s ploys and much more.


I will be posting chapters of our book, “What Could God Be Thinking.”
Feel free to ask for clarifications or explanations in my blog.

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SOTU’S Quotes in Italics


I really don’t know how to else to describe this other than the underlying TRUTH of us. We create our reality – 100%. SOTU has described it this way,

“You create your reality – 100%. You are simultaneously involved in a great co-creative Dance with each other, Mother Earth and All That Is.”

This is the great paradox of living in the physical. Both of these statements are collectively and singularly true. We create our reality 100% while we are also doing a Dance of Divinity with each other, with Nature and with Spirit.

It took me a while to get my mind around that, however when I did, things began to make a lot more sense. We are on a personal and collective journey – a journey of growth occurring in both aspects of our dualistic physical reality. And, I’ve recently begun to understand how this works in a more pragmatic sense – in other words, how this reflection – how this Truth, manifests in our physical reality.

I suppose you have to accept reincarnation in order to understand the next part, however from SOTU’s point of view reincarnation is a Truth – and my personal beliefs are aligned with that, so that’s the way I’ll give it to you.

From the way I have come to understand it, we live a lifetime with all of its experiences. When our body dies, our consciousness refocuses to its nonphysical form and passes to a place of healing (Heaven?) where we’re nurtured and healed from all the difficult experiences we’ve had in the recent lifetime. It is after this time of healing that we choose to either stay where we are for a while, move to other expressions of reality, or choose to reincarnate. I understand that our lives in the physical reality are often chosen on the seeming desire of the individual consciousness, and those choices are always in line with the Desire of God/Goddess/All That Is. Life is choice, even after Death.

SOTU has had us imagine what it must be like. They’ve described it as follows:

“Imagine what it must be like dear ones, having had and healed from a lifetime of experiences with the gained wisdom tucked neatly away; in a place of true safety and belonging with a visceral and active connection to your higher self, your Soul and All That Is. From this place of safety and security, of nurture and belonging, you begin to plan your next lifetime. You pick a life-lesson. You pick the experiences you wish to have in order to gain the wisdom of learning your life-lesson. You pick the cast of characters that you wish to give you the opportunities to learn these life-lessons. This includes when they will come into your life. Many that you choose will be those you have interacted with before, in other lifetimes – in other experiences – in other roles. You choose these experiences and players while you are basking in the glow of the successes you’ve had in your last life. Complete support and connection often leads you to discount how it will FEEL to have some of these experiences.

“So, you are about to enter the physical. The body is in the womb of the mother you’ve chosen waiting for your consciousness to enter. You’re excited about the possibilities of this upcoming lifetime. You’re completely connected with your Purpose, your Soul and with God/Goddess/All That IS.

You make the step.     

You enter the body…

And instantly forget it all…

Except for the FEELING.”

Our physical reality is a duality. I take that to mean that we gain our experiences through the reflections of our reality. That is, many of the things that stimulate our journey seem to come from outside of us. Those circumstances that have seemed programmed into our lives, in fact, are.

In the midst of this experience of complete love and belonging, this innocent consciousness begins to inhabit the fetus’ body, filling it, discovering it. The body is at peace, floating in a sea of nurture and warmth. This is a very positive experience. Then our innocent awareness reaches the umbilical chord, the source of nourishment, again being rewarded with a positive experience.

Awareness, perhaps a little more boldly now, reaches out and connects with Mother. Instead of being rewarded with a completely positive experience, suddenly connects to the emotional complexity of an adult woman, with all of her beliefs about herself and the world, as well as all her judgments – with all of her fears – with all of her anger as well as all of her beliefs around life and love and nurture and caring.

In this moment of connection with Mother, our emotional and metaphysical templates for this lifetime were set. Most of us will spend the rest of our lives learning to move beyond those emotional templates, thus living the experiences we chose to have in this lifetime.

“Your consciousness enters the body and you instantly forget the entire purpose of your journey, you only remember the feeling as a bridge back to the in-between time. Emotionally, you’re still connected to that visceral experience of love and safety and belonging with All That Is and are simultaneously beginning your physicality with complete innocence and vulnerability. You are an emotional ‘blank slate’ in a perfect state for imprinting – for programming.

“As an example, if, as a life-lesson, you have chosen love – real love –as something you wish to attain in this lifetime, you will have chosen based upon the love experience on the ‘other side.’ This is a love that is freely given and received in every moment. It is a love that contains self-worth and the realization of one’s Divine Connection in all experiences chosen. It is a love that requires no other to experience it.

 “Remember, this physical experience is one that takes place within a dualistic reality. If you’re are choosing to learn about ‘real love’ in a lifetime, are you going to begin that lifetime – receive that initial imprinting that will begin your journey to experience ‘real love’ – from loving parents!?

 “Well, of course dear ones, the answer is NO! You’re not going to give yourself loving parents. If that were your experience then love would be a known thing – not something that you were going to spend a lifetime learning about. No, you’re going to give yourself a mother that because of her own limited beliefs and judgments, her own fears and her own rage, is going to imprint you with exactly what you are going to need to overcome in this lifetime in order to have the experience – to gain the wisdom – that you have chosen. And this programming occurs in that first moment of connection with your consciousness and hers.”

End of Chapter 1


SOTU for the Peace Genesis Project

…your world is experiencing difficulties around everything from imperialist movements of influence and unending war,  planes shot out of the air, political intrigue, a seemingly collapsing economy, extreme weather anomalies and many other global as well as personal crises.  All is a reflection of humanities emotional and physical paradigm.  Your reality is but a reflection of how you see yourselves.  And all is being pushed forward, with ever-increasing pressure by the Divine asking you as a species, as well as, you as individuals, “Who are you going to become?”

Most in your world have been conditioned to forget your true nature as co-creators.  Thus so many have no idea or concept how their personal thoughts, words and feelings affect the reality that each of you then experiences.  Those thoughts, words and feelings are deeply affected by others, your media, your country of origin, and many other beliefs about oneself and others that keep you from recognizing that you are each sourced from the same mother.  You are each sparks of the Divine – are Divine Beings Manifested in Physical Bodies.  You have been conditioned to forget that your purpose of physical incarnation is to co-create a world that assists humanity in attaining the next level of consciousness.  Where humanity begins to move toward becoming an advanced species, where you all measure yourselves by how well the least of you are doing, not the best.

You can begin to move into understanding by realizing the cause of all this chaos has been you, with all the disparate thoughts and feelings that you all deny and suppress on a daily basis.  You are basically beings motivated by love and connection, however, in the movement of the growth of consciousness you have also needed to explore individuation.  That movement into individuation has taken you a long way and you have accomplished much.  However, the pendulum of paradox swings to the extreme.  With community comes connection.  With connection comes empowerment on many levels.  Individuation leads to personal responsibility and personal empowerment, but it also leads to isolation, greed and disempowerment in its extreme.  There are truth and lies in both extremes.  When one can see those truths and lies simultaneously a magical thing happens.  You rise to a third position that Knows, a place of mastery, where one can navigate any landscape, physical or emotional.

The times of greatest crises are also the times of greatest opportunity for change.  This is one of those times.  How easy will it be to solve the problems of today?  Linearly it is nearly impossible, however, utilizing the power that each and every one of you has as co-creators, we would suggest that most of you would wish to live in Peace.

Peace.  Now that is a word is it not?  The first thing we would ask you is, “What is your definition of peace?”  Is it just a feeling?  Is it just the absence of war?  Now, ask your closest friend, “What is your definition of peace?”  Do not be surprised if the things that are primary to their peacefulness are not at all similar to yours.  Also, be not surprised at how many of you have not even considered the definition of Peace.

We would suggest that in order to experience real peace one must feel safe and secure.  We would also suggest that not very many of you feel this way, and it seems that the reflections of your world do nothing to alleviate the anxiety that comes from experiencing so much daily chaos.  This is primary in keeping you off-balance.  This energy keeps you focused upon short-term emergency solutions to a seemingly endless series of challenges that comes from both within and without.

Your crises come from a well-entrenched paradigm of beliefs and judgments that is many thousands of years old.  This paradigm is built on the belief that because of scarcity, that you all must compete with each other in order to survive.  Your problems inherently come from the belief that there is not enough, that you are not enough.  This has led to a paradigm of competition and comparison and a patriarchal structure of hierarchy and greed.  From our perspective this complicated energy has no solution, not with the lack of values that so many of you are willing to abide.  For it is a remembrance of values, as well as, the remembrance of who you really are, that can transform your paradigm, without the need for widespread death, doom and destruction.

This will require a whole shift in mind-set in your personal and collective realities.

Remember.  You are each conscious sparks of the Divine, the Creator, God/Goddess/All That Is.  That spark is in each and every one of you without exception.  This and this alone might allow you all to accept that because of this you are entitled to experience a Peaceful life in order to explore your journey through physical consciousness.

Remember.  You create your realities through your thoughts, your words, and your emotions from both your conscious and subconscious mind.  If you are willing to consider this statement correct, we would suggest that this opens the doorway to a solution to your problems by aligning your thoughts words and feeling around the creation of safety and security that will lead to a movement toward peace.  Working as an individual you begin a movement toward peace.  Working as a group you magnify that energy many-fold.

Energetically, the world you now live in is like a knotted ball of yarn, impossible to straighten out.  Complications are built upon complications.  The possibilities of solutions are lost in the rhetoric of division.  A shift in belief is needed, but how to begin to shift that belief?

Here’s a thought that is not spoken nearly enough.  As sparks of the Divine (or perhaps simple human dignity, although that hasn’t worked very well until now) you are each entitled to have at the very least, your survival needs met.  You should each have an equal playing field of in this exploration of consciousness.  That means food, water, shelter, healthcare, and education.

We would wish that you would take some time to wrap your mind around that.  Allow yourself to imagine what it mean if each and everyone in your world was born into a world where you didn’t have to pay to exist?  Imagine the world that humanity could create from the place of Peace, with enough for all?

And that is your opportunity dear ones.

























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